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Tennessee Volunteers tickets

Tennessee Volunteers Tickets

Are you ready to join over 100,000 football fans in watching the incredible home games from the 12th winningest program in college football history? Then make sure you order your tickets to see The Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium. This athletics program has produced one of the strongest at-home win records in the country for any program playing at their home field. But winning home games isn’t all that this team can do, as the program has made them the third-best team for bowl appearances and the sixth-best all-time bowl victors including four Sugar Bowls, three Cotton Bowls, an Orange Bowl, and a Fiesta Bowl. With their strong history of conference championships and titles, it’s no wonder why fans are rushing the ticket stands to book tickets for the Volunteers’ home games.

When the men in orange and white hit the Neyland Stadium field, fans expect excitement with hard-hitting defenses and clutch offensive plays that will keep you riveted and at the edge of your seat. Head coach, Jeremy Pruitt is in his second year with the program, and he’s eager to show the NCAA exactly how far this team can go with his guidance and training. With a stronger roster and the team growing closer to Pruitt’s style, sports commentators are hopeful that the program will destroy last year’s record and have Tennessee’s fans shouting and ready for more.

Fans cheering on the other team will be impressed by the determination Tennessee will show on the field. Their longstanding rivals can’t relax because the Volunteers are out for blood and determined to put wins on record. Head coaches are keeping an eye on the team so that when they face off against Tennessee they might stand a chance of coming out on top! If you want to see the rise of this team first hand, then there’s only one right choice. Don’t delay and order your tickets to see The Volunteers home games to see the powerful roster shake things up in the SEC’s Eastern Division. Tickets are running out fast so order while supplies last!

Celebrating over a History of Great Tennessee Football

The Tennessee Volunteers football program (also known as “Vols”), have played football at the collegiate level for 121 seasons since 1891. The team has ranked twelfth winningest team for win-loss percentages with their 873-383-53 record, as well as ninth on by-victories, and second-best on the all-time win/loss list of SEC programs with a 390-253-33 record. The team is best known for being one of the most frequently appearing teams in bowl games in the country including an incredible four Sugar Bowls, three Cotton Bowls, an Orange Bowl, and a Fiesta Bowl. The team has won enough of these important bouts to become the sixth winningest team in all Bowl appearances. The team has also recorded 16 conference championships and six national titles including their most recent national championship in the 1998 season.

This century-old legacy of success and strength has also led to the team recording 464 victories at their home field of Neyland Stadium, which is the best home-field total in college football history for any school in their current home venue. With records like this, is it any wonder that Neyland Stadium has expanded enough to become the fifth-largest stadium in the country with a capacity of 102,455 seats? We didn’t think so either, which is why we know sports fans will enjoy catching games from this celebrated program.

But success isn’t the only thing the Vols history brings, as they have also produced some of the most hotly contested rivalries in the country, including their traditional rival, The Alabama Crimson Tide. Every year, the team battles in what’s called the Third Saturday in October. Alabama currently leads the series with a 56-38-7 record, but with this year’s match-up coming up, who can tell which team will come out on top!

Come to Neyland Stadium and celebrate this historic team by ordering tickets to catch the upcoming home games for the Tennessee Volunteers.

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The Players to Watch This Season

After the disappointing 2018 season, The Tennessee Volunteers have worked on their roster to create a stronger roster that will give the program the results they deserve. Sportswriters have noticed that Pruitt’s second season Vols are expected to take a big leap this year and a big part of that will be in the following players to watch this season.

Cornerback Alontae Taylor is going to be a major part of the Vols defense especially with Bryce Thompson’s suspension and Baylen Buchanan being cut from the team. Even being just a sophomore, Taylor represents an intimidating field presence at 6’0’’ and 193 lbs. Last season, Taylor earned his stripes starting in nine games and playing in all 12 with a season record of 40 tackles, one tackle for a lass, two pass deflections, a forced fumble, a blocked punt, and even a defensive touchdown. Taylor’s record even beat the more experienced Thompson who didn’t get a blocked punt or a defensive touchdown, proving that even in his inaugural season, he could stand with the older players.

Offensive Lineman Trey Smith is another player expected to make it big this year. Head coach Pruitt even says that Smith being cleared to play is the best news for the team, especially with his unofficial title as the best and most proven player on the unit. Smith was the best blocker while playing tackle last year, but being moved back to guard is exactly where he needs to be at his best. Standing at 6’6’’ with a strong 325-pound build, this junior is expected to be part of the solution to last year’s problems.

Linebacker Darrell Taylor is expected to put up strong stats this season. At 6’4’’ and 255-pounds, this fifth-year senior is an edge rusher who will stand out in Pruitt’s 3-4 scheme. His strengths come in how well he performs once he grows used to a role, as shown last year when he was moved to outside linebacker and started as second-best linebacker behind Jonathan Kongbo for half the season. He later went on to finish with eight sacks, leading the SEC in sacks from all returning players, as well as 11 tackles for a loss-making him third-best among those same players.

Finally, we can’t look past Quarterback Jarrett Guarantano as the potential team star. This junior has earned Pruitt’s trust as the head coach shows consistent confidence in his ability to produce great plays. Many commentators expect him to explode now that he’s used to the team, thanks to his big size and strong throwing arm. Don’t let last year’s 6-12 record as starter fool you, this 213-pounder is going to earn his chops as a team leader for this year’s Vols offense.

You can see if we’re right by checking out games at Neyland Stadium.

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One of the Best Defended Stadiums in the League

Neyland Stadium is an incredible sports stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee that serves as the home for the Tennessee Volunteers football tea as well as a site for NFL exhibition matches. With an incredible capacity of 102,455 seats, anyone who loves football should have no trouble finding a space to enjoy the games at this historic field. The stadium was first constructed in 1921 when it was called Shields-Watkins Field, which is now the name of the playing surface. The stadium had been through 16 expansion projects leading up to their highest capacity of 104,079 before alterations provided a slight reduction to the current capacity. Neyland Stadium is easily the fourth largest stadium in the US, dropping down to fifth largest stadium compared to the world. The Stadium was named after Robert Neyland, who served three incredible stints as head coach at the University of Tennessee between 1926 and 1952.

As of week 6 in the 2016 season, the Vols recorded 464 wins, 118 losses, and 17 ties at their home games, including 36 perfect home record. The team’s longest winning streak was 30, between December of 1928 to October 21, 1933. Unlike other teams, the Vols had never had more than 4 consecutive losses at their home grounds. These records point to Neyland Stadium being one of the most likely ends for any winning streaks, as the team has a strong history of success at home.