Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators at Neyland Stadium

Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators Tickets

Neyland Stadium | Knoxville, Tennessee

Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators

Experience the intensity of college basketball at its finest when the Tennessee Volunteers clash with the Florida Gators on Saturday, October 12, 2024, at the historic Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee! The Gators and Volunteers boast a long-lived competition, each having their share of awards and triumphs. The Gators, a force always delivering their sharp strategy and agility, are geared to bring their top game. The Volunteers are set to defend their home turf with an iron will and the support of a roaring crowd. Starting from just $296, this is your chance to be part of the adrenaline-pumping action and cheer your team to victory. Click the 'buy tickets' button and be part of basketball history!

Tennessee Volunteers Football

The Volunteers, standing tall after their smashing win against the Gators earlier #YEAR#, are determined to deliver a repeat performance. Their last victory margin of 85-66 is a shrine to their skill and on-court strategy. As they come fresh off previous achievements, including the celebrated 2007-08 season where they claimed the SEC championship, they aim to continue their legacy and prove their genius once again.

Florida Gators Football

The Florida Gators, known for their tenacity, are equally prepared to challenge the Volunteers. With a noteworthy victory in September 2023, the Gators have demonstrated their capacity to outplay the Vols, snagging their 10th straight victory at home. As they join the fray on the Volunteers' turf, they are going to leverage their recent entry as the No. 25 ranked team, to flip the scales in their favor.

Neyland Stadium Information

Neyland Stadium, with its long-standing reputation for hosting impressive sports events, offers an incomparable experience. For further venue specifics and features that enliven a sports event, directly contact to the stadium. Contact details are provided on the page, where you can gather more information.

Ticket Information

To secure your presence at this must-see event, obtain your tickets through the trusted marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. With prices beginning at $296, fans are encouraged to consider the benefit of season tickets over regular ones for added advantages. Don't miss your chance and click the "buy tickets" button for a secure purchase and a seat at this high-stakes showdown.

Seize the opportunity to witness two revered teams clash in one of the season’s most talked-about games. Your presence will certainly add to the zest of a game remembered for seasons to come!

Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators at Neyland Stadium

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